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Hello, I am Elvis Joel D'Souza - A Computer Science Engineer/Entrepreneur, living in Bangalore, India. My hometown is Moodbidri, a town near Mangalore, India. I did most of my schooling at St. Thomas School, Alangar. And my pre-university education at Alva's PU College, Moodbidri; My Engineering studies at PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore. I am now with Dhiti, a tech startup in the Information Retrieval space

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I spend most of my time nowadays analysing languages and try to make machines make sense out of them. More often than not, English is the language I work on, due to readily available data. I do work on Indian Languages as well

I am a web developer too. I love designing and developing websites and have been doing so since 2003. I now work with web frameworks, primarily the Python/Django/Apache/WSGI stack. I also develop stuff for the LAMP enviromnent

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